Graphs Networks and Algorithms to be moderated up due missing over 1/3 of the lectures.

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We are extremely concerned about the graphs, networks and algorithms module taught by Barrie Cooper at the University of Exeter.

We have missed from 19th February to the 22nd of March, which consisted of 8 lectures and 4 practical sessions. The module only had 22 lectures in total. From these 8 lectures missed he has attempted to simply give us all the slides and condense the content into 3 rushed and unclear lectures.

The entire module is extremely unhappy with the handling, averaging only 45% in satisfaction. 

This is simply unacceptable.


Many people fear that due to his striking and poor quality lecturing that they will go down an entire grade in their degree overall. Totally unfair on the students to be punished in such a way.  

Missing over a third of the lectures surely means we need some type of moderation? Increase the weighting of the coursework (currently 40%) or boost the exam marks?