UEA to reconsider their safety net policy

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!

UEA have implemented a policy which 'safety nets' our second year grade as final year students. While other universities, such as Sheffield and Exeter, have implemented a policy which protects the grades of students being detrimentally impacted by corona virus, UEA's policy does not. The policy ensures that the minimum grade achieved by now-third year students will be their second year final grade. 

HOWEVER - while this does provide some degree of security, what the policy also does is counter the efforts of those who have worked extremely hard in the first semester of their final year. For example, if a student received firsts in their first semester, but (as a result of the virus) their studies and grades are adversely effected in their second semester, their efforts for the first half of the year would be futile. UEA's policy does not protect the grades of their students prior to the virus outbreak. 

I propose that the no detriment policy be moved to protect the grades achieved by UEA students up until the virus began to impact our studies, in the middle of March. All grades achieved before this time should be secured, and all grades achieved after this time should be treated as non-detrimental, in order to properly ease the stress of students and protect their efforts. Obviously, some students, such as myself, had assignments spill over from first semester into second due to extenuating circumstances. This does not change the outcome of the proposed move to the safety net - all assignments which applied to first semester should be covered by this policy, regardless of extensions. 

N.B. While I understand that strikes, etc have impacted studies before this time, the blanket safety net policy refers only to the impact that the virus has had on studies, and so should only be applicable to the time at which this has been the case. Strikes should be addressed as a separate issue. 

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