Stop University of East Anglia demanding us to pay the rent of 2 people!

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To the University of East Anglia,

Myself and other students have been allocated Standard Twin Ziggurat rooms for 2 people, but are having to pay double the price as Covid-19 prevents another student from sharing the room. We were not informed that this would ever be a possibility beforehand. 

Many of us did not put down this accommodation choice on our application and expected to pay £118.09 per week, as they applied for a Standard Single Ziggurat instead, or it was significantly low on their list. The current pricing is £158.83 per week as we are expected to pay for 2 people. The Standard Twin Ziggurat room features a sink, desk and shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. The original twin ziggurat was supposed to be £79.45 per week for each person. It’s also still currently advertised at this price.

It added an immense financial and social burden.

The effects of this room allocation are immense as we were not informed of the possibility of this price increase or that we would be the only occupant until we were given the offer. This is especially disappointing from the university given that we are going into a recession. Also, this is in addition to the stress of moving to university, and if the university continues to ignore our requests, some of us will be forced to miss out on the experience of staying on campus as most first-year students do. 

We’ve attempted to contact the universities’ teams.

As a response to the room allocation, many of us have emailed and called the accommodation office requesting a room change or price reduction of the room. A sole occupant doesn’t account for two people's utilities nor inflict twice as much wear and tear on the room. We’ve also informed the vice principal, the vice principal's assistants and the Student Union. We have had a response from the student union acknowledging that they also think this pricing is unfair.

But, to little luck. Many have been ignored. 

A select few have had room changes. Most students' pleas through emails and calls have been ignored or given responses such as the “higher-ups were responsible for this decision”, the other options were “too popular” and that the unnecessary extra room caused them to make “a decision to offer these rooms at a standard en suite campus room”. An en suite includes a shower and toilet to yourself. Extra space doesn’t.

We are asking UEA to decrease the price to a reasonable amount similar to a Standard Single Ziggurat.

UEA made the decision to unfairly increase the price to an unjustifiable amount. UEA must change it.