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The University of Denver's Big Food Secret

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There is an issue going on at the University of Denver that affects the students, faculty, and community members that is being swept under the rug with the hope that interested parties turn a blind eye. Right now, the administration and Board of Trustees of the University of Denver is renegotiating its dining services contract with Sodexo; a contract that will dictate the way DU will purchase and serve food into the future. Here’s the kicker: the administration is keeping the entire negotiation process secluded, and has made it implicitly clear that it does not want the input of students, faculty, interested community members, the city of Denver, or anyone else.

The DU community has no idea if there are binding provisions concerning the type of food purchased, guarantees about the quality of employment for Sodexo’s workers, or the ramifications if Sodexo does not deliver on its promises. This deal is purportedly on the table, and could even be signed now, but as the entire process has thus far been shielded, there is no way to know. The DU community must make a concerted effort now if the administration is to know that this type of action is not acceptable for a university that, in the words of Chancellor Chopp, will make people think of a place that has “a culture of ‘yes’ to relationships, responsibility and engagement."

We want to show the administration of the University of Denver that people care about this issue, and that it should make the proceedings more open. We have questions on the content and the structure of the contract, but are not asking to have any financial negotiating interest. Yearly addenda exist, but if those are not binding to the contract, we have no way of knowing if Sodexo is accountable for its promises. We are seeking to give the DU community (students, faculty, alumni, and community stakeholders) insight and a voice into the contract being made that dictates the food available to us through the University. 

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