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Sabra Hummus is owned in part by the Strauss Group, which adopts members of the Golani and Givati Brigades of the Israeli military, and subsidizes their living costs, among other things, paying expenses in the 5 and 6 figures. These brigades are responsible for some of the most egregious human rights violations of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, such as the bombings of Gaza in 2008-9 in Operation Cast Lead, and the imprisonment of children in Israeli dungeons. By refusing to buy Sabra, and pressuring larger entities to discontinue its purchase, we can send a clear message that occupation and ethnic cleansing is unconscionable.

Letter to
University of Denver and Sodexo Foods

Petition – On the sale of Sabra Products by Sodexo:

RECOGNIZING that the Strauss Group, the owner of Sabra Hummus, sponsors and supports the most brutal brigades of the Israeli military, the Golani and Givati Brigades;

ACKNOWLEDGING that these brigades have participated in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and numerous violations of international law and human rights, including Operation Cast Lead in 2008-9;

FINDING that this business practice is contrary to the principles of the University of Denver, the Denver community, and Sodexo;

We DEMAND all Sabra brand items, including Sabra Hummus, be removed from dining and retail locations on our campus and that Sodexo work with University of Denver Students for Justice in Palestine to provide a local, ethical, and sustainable alternative.

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