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I'm a former UCONN varsity men's tennis player and graduate of the University of Connecticut ('92). This letter is from my past coach and current UCONN tennis director and coach:
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To all my UConn Tennis Alumni, Parents, and Friends.... I wish I was contacting you under better circumstances, but UConn Tennis is at risk. Please consider a donation or pledge to ensure the continued operation of our program.

A brief history:
A few weeks ago, athletics was told by UConn that our subsidy we receive from the University for our athletic department budget must be reduced by 25% by 2023.  This amounts to an annual reduction of approximately 10 million dollars from our athletic budget. 

Administration and the department teams have been working very hard at this but it appears now that this cannot be done without significant reductions in our athletic department. That includes the possibility of eliminating several UConn varsity athletic programs.  UCONN TENNIS IS AT RISK.

Where we stand:
At this point, I believe, it is in our best interest to PROTECT our program through alumni relations and giving. The threat of program elimination is real and is at the forefront of our current situation. Let me be clear, our program has not been eliminated at this present time. However, it is in our teams’ best interest to engage our friends in an effort to ensure our team's continued operation.

What we need:
Speaking truthfully, we need pledges of financial support.  Pledges can be in the form of one to five years of equal support. Although any pledge will help our cause, we would like to encourage multiyear pledges. This has the best chance of ensuring the long-term health of our program. Pledges are just that- pledges, no money will be exchanged unless our program is operational for next season. Once we get notice of that, we will then reach out to all our pledge donors and make proper arrangements.

Specifics about pledges:
If you would like to pledge, please reply by email in writing with specifics of the pledge -length of time and the yearly or total amount ( Please remember, every little bit will help. Whatever you can pledge, even the smallest amount over multiple years will go a long way to ensuring the future of our programs. Ideally, we will present our pledge progress to administration next Friday 6/12. That gives us one week, not enough time for sure, but it’s all we have, and I encourage you to act within that time frame.

In Conclusion:
UConn Tennis has had a tremendous impact on hundreds of athletes. I hope you can remember the impact it had on you during your time in Storrs. There has never been a better time to show your support for the Huskies program than right now.  The teams need you. If you have questions or would like to speak with me directly, please feel free to call me on my cell at 860-617-5930. 

Thank you to those who have already supported our team over time and specifically right now.  Your support is very much appreciated.

Huskies For Life!

Thank you very much.
Glenn Marshall


I'm a former UCONN varsity men's tennis player and graduate of the University of Connecticut ('92). I graduated from the School of Education with a B.S. degree in Sports Science and a concentration in sports marketing. I've kept true to my major by staying actively involved in sports, specifically tennis, all my life. I've fought for causes beyond me that have helped others (I set 2 Guinness World Records™ specifically to raise money and awareness for charities and honor the legacy of my deceased tennis mentor. I've also managed GoFundMe pages to raise money for a family who lost their mom/wife due to cancer.  

The best years of my life were the years I attended the University of Connecticut, specifically the 2.5 years I was on the varsity tennis team. The team helped me refine my leadership skills, put the "we before me", and ultimately reinforce my core values of teamwork, effort, integrity, grit, and the importance of giving and asking for support and help.

Through the sport of tennis I met my current wife, spent quality time with my identical twin brother, met my attorney, made life-long friends, developed a career around teaching tennis, inspired others through setting 2 world records in tennis, become the USTA CT president, served on the New England board of directors, and participate on the USTA National Sportsmanship committee. I'm also an avid writer, just publishing my book Tennacity: The Tenacious Mindset On & Off the Court. I'm currently developing an online curriculum and course modeled after my book to help inspire, empower, and guide others to achieve their dreams and goals.

If the tremendously successful UCONN varsity tennis program doesn't exist going forward, I believe it would be the beginning of the end of tennis programs in New England and a severe reduction in the interest in tennis as a youth sport as these children have little to aspire to after high school. Tennis is proven to be one of the healthiest sports, adding longevity to those who play it.

Other sources show the health benefits of the sport of tennis: physical, mental, and emotional.  

In summary, I couldn't imagine UCONN not having a varsity tennis program going forward as I don't know what career I would be in now, I probably wouldn't be a published author, and I wouldn't have set 2 world records to inspire others. Removing the program is unfathomable to me and I'm sure that other current and past alumni would feel the same way. Please help keep the tennis program intact at the University of Connecticut. 

With appreciation of your support,
Angelo A. Rossetti (UCONN Class of '92)

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If you'd like to make a direct donation now here is a GoFundMe page: