Lower University of Connecticut Fall 2020 Tuition

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The University of Connecticut has moved most classes to online for the Fall 2020 Semester. Students understand that this is to prevent the spread of COVID-19, however we are frustrated that the tuition for these classes will remain the same. As we have already completed online courses in Spring 2020, we know first hand that this type of online learning is not for everyone. For many students, online learning does not allow them to receive the greatest possible education. In addition, an exorbitant amount of our tuition goes towards facilities, many of which we will not be able to use this fall. We demand that tuition for Fall 2020 Semester be decreased heavily due to the switch to online learning.

Along with that, fees for on-campus resources should be reduced or removed, especially for students who are opting to work from home. These include the PIRG fee, technology fee, recreation fee, activity fee, student health and wellness fee, and all other related fees. We demand that these fees be removed or reduced depending on the nature of the service and if students are even going to be able to use them. 

It is important to consider that many students had already committed to leases before the decision was made to make the majority of classes online. It would be especially unfair to make these students pay full tuition while they are having to pay for a house that they do not even need anymore.