Stop Use of Proctorio at CU Boulder over Privacy Concerns

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I am a student and IT student employee at CU Boulder. I and many other students have complained about the privacy, security, and accessibility concerns of using the service Proctorio. This petition is for anyone who shares the same concerns. Here is an email I sent to the IT Security Department of CU Boulder going into greater detail:


My name is Ethen White, I am both a student and an ITSC Help Desk employee here at CU Boulder. As you may know, there is currently an international security and privacy concern regarding Proctorio. While I know that each integration is reviewed before being allowed on Canvas, I believe that Proctorio was reviewed well before any of these concerns where out there.

With the CEO of Proctorio recently abusing his Admin Provelages to leak a Canadian student's private chats in Proctorio against Canadian FIPAA protections, along with many other concerns raised by the intrusiveness of Proctorio, I am sincerely hoping that you guys will review Proctorio and discontinue its use. With many other Universities having already banned Proctorio and other proctoring services over such concerns, I find it surprising that an IT Security team as strong and proactive as CU's hasn't even addressed the concerns regarding Proctorio. While I know you guys are very busy with many things, I think it is highly important that such an issue be addressed as promptly as possible.

On top of security concerns, I have a level of concern with the accessibility of such a service. Even if the security and privacy regulations of Proctorio where tight, which as we have been seeing they are not, the added stress of such an intrusive program may make it harder for students with testing anxiety and other factors to complete the tests. Knowing that mouse clicks, search history, keypresses, eye movements, facial recognition, and much more are being recorded makes it difficult to focus on the test at hand. The students start to worry more about being watched then taking a test. I also know many students who do not have a webcam or many of the other requirements that Proctorio needs in order to run. And while students may have the ability on campus to get such tools, if the campus were to go into limited or online operations, many students including myself will no longer be able to take tests regulated by Proctorio, which is a significant part of many courses that use Proctorio.

I hope you guys will publicly review and make a decision about Proctorio, as myself and a large number of students are concerned about its use in an environment we are already struggling to figure out together.

Ethen White