Stop Use of Proctorio at CU Boulder over Privacy Concerns

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Accessability Concerns

I am very happy to inform you that the school is taking steps regarding the Accessability of Proctorio. While there are other concerns I would like to see addressed, it is a step in the right direction for the school. Here is the update I recieved.

"Last week, we completed Proctorio accessibility testing and confirmed that there are issues that may prevent some students  from using it. We also recognize that not all students will have the required technology to use Proctorio based on the testing configuration identified by their instructor. To address these issues, we have advised instructors to make alternative arrangements for students who have these challenges (see Proctorio Service page). It sounds like you may be impacted by the latter, not having the required technology to take the exam at home. If this the case, I encourage you to speak with your instructor and ask that an exception be granted.  Additionally, we would encourage any students with disability-related accessibility concerns to contact Disability Services to explore what accommodations may be available."

Ethen White
2 months ago