CU Boulder: Add hot tubs and a waterslide to the Rec Center

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CU Boulder is a state-of-the-art campus with many unique facilities that push students to excel both academically and in their daily lives. But although the Rec Center has many great activities that help encourage student wellness and relaxation, it is sorely lacking by having four pools and yet no hot tubs or waterslides, an essential part of any pool experience. As a university with such incredible resources, it makes no sense whatsoever that we don't have these essential things.

By adding a waterslide and hot tub, students will not only be able to de-stress and get more done, but they'll also be more inclined to come to the Rec and thus adopt healthy exercise habits. It will also make CU more attractive for prospective students.

CU Boulder - we're asking you to help make our student life more fun, fulfilling, and healthy. To those reading - sign and share this petition now to help make our dream a reality!