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Petitioning Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services Karen Warren Coleman and 3 others

University of Chicago: Add a dance room in the new Campus North dormitory.

There are about 60 hours per week of space currently open to student dance groups across the two dance supported facilities: BARS and Ida Noyes Dance Room. With more than 20 dance groups representing a thousand students on campus, we need more space. While the number of dancers and dance groups is growing every year, the number of dance spaces has not. The average dance group needs 4-5 hours a week, thus forcing students to practice in dorms, lounges, hallways, etc. The 60 hours available currently does not even come close to being adequate now-- and we're growing. By the time Campus North opens, students will need upwards of 100 hours a week of practice time.

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  • Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services
    Karen Warren Coleman
  • Assistant Vice President for Campus Life and Assistant Dean in the College
    Katie Callow-Wright
  • Deputy Provost for the Arts
    Larry Norman
  • Interim, Associate Dean of Students in the University and Director of Undergraduate Student Housing
    Ana Campos

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