UCF removal of extra tuition fees

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Kelli Graydon
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This semester we aren’t allowed on campus and thus can’t use several resources UCF is still charging us for. This petition is requesting the removal of these fees, which is doubling the cost of tuition for students during an economic crisis, for benefits we are not receiving.

If you check your statement of charges this semester, for each credit hour you are taking, we are being charged a technology fee of $5.16, an athletic fee of $14.32, an activity and service fee of $11.67, a capital improvement fee of $6.76, as well as an ID service and access fee and equipment fee, even though some classes are requiring for students to purchase expensive lab equipment on their own. 

These charges amount to several hundred dollars, and UCF should help their students in this time of need, instead of overcharging them for continuing their education during a pandemic, that have left many of us struggling to pay bills or find housing.