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Change UCF's Mascot to "Jedi Knight"

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The "Knight" is not a very good mascot. Knights represent some of the darkest days of human history. Knights were the enforcers of an oppressive racist, xenophobic, patriarchal and undemocratic system. They are responsible for mass rape and destruction in the Crusades. They also uphold a frankly outdated and undeveloped feudal class system, which alienates those of us who are not born lucky enough to be Kings, Queens, dukes or duchesses. If I were a woman, a Muslim, a part of the LGBT community, or anyone who is not a member of the Landed Christian European aristocracy, I would not feel represented by the "Knight". As one the primary goals of the University of Central Florida is Diversity and inclusivity, we the people call on President Hitt to make the change!

If we were to change our mascot to the "Jedi Knight", we would solve all of the above problems! Not only are Jedi really kick-ass, but they are accepting of all people of any gender, race, or species! Plus, considering its only a change in semantics, it would allow us to phase out the feudal Knight over time in favor of the sleek and modern Jedi Knight. This would be a more cost effective and less confusing solution than changing it to something lame, like a Bull or an alligator. 

PS: Im sure the University could also work out some really dank sponsorship deal with Disney, the new owners of the Star Wars franchise and economic backbone of central Florida tourism!

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