Move all classes online to protect the wellbeing of UC students

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There are now 39 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand, and many pending test results all over the country. As of today, there are two confirmed cases in Christchurch. Auckland and Massey have both either closed or cancelled all face-to-face lectures. At 1:00pm today the UCSA held a livestream, purportedly to answer student's questions. The overwhelming majority of these questions and comments were in regards to closing the university. So many students are not attending their classes right now, for various reasons, but it all comes back to the fact that there is an ongoing, widespread pandemic. They are not listening to us. They need to follow the steps that Massey and Auckland University have taken. Preventative measures. We cannot continue going on with lectures, tutorials, labs, tests and exams, simply waiting for a student to test positive. The university needs to take preventative measures. It needs to close. It is in the best interest for everyone’s health - both mental and physical, for their grades, and for everyone’s general wellbeing.