In Support of Henry Holderness

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This petition is in support of the character of Henry Holderness, following his suspension from the university campus after, what we feel is an unjustified complaint.

We have had the pleasure of being taught by Henry during the past three years and believe he is one of kindest and hardest-working lecturers at the university. He is well liked by all year groups and most will vouch for his character. In our opinion he is one of the most genuine lecturers at the Law School. He possesses a trait that, in our view, is very important for lecturers -an ability to get on with students as well as lecturers. Sadly, this is a trait rarely seen in the other law lecturers. Henry has been the only member of the Law Faculty to devote his time and energy to the law competitions at the university for the past several years. These competitions are important to students and his contribution is another example of how goes out of his way to support the law students.

The University’s heightened sensitivity, following the death of the student and the publicity surrounding the Law Revue is understandable. However, we believe Henry’s suspension is an over-reaction that punishes the students by depriving them of access to a lecturer just before the examination period. This could potentially compromise our careers.

We urge the University to reconsider its position and re-instate Henry’s position so he can return to the campus and support the students with their studies.