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That's Not My Name!

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The Student Registry of the University of Cambridge, despite being home to more than 8,000 students from outside the UK, refuses to adopt a more flexible approach towards the registration of the names of students for conferring degrees. Not everyone follows the "[first name] [middle name] [last name]" structure of Western naming conventions, and this produces a number of confusing problems:

  1. The Student Registry does allow you to change the name on your degree certificate to reflect the proper order, but they say that this change is not reflected on your student transcript which will stilll floow the standard Western naming convention. This can be problematic for job and even visa application which the Student Registry themselves acknowledge; and
  2. Not all colleges are even notified of their right to switch their name on their degree - only some! If your college doesn't notify you of this option, you would have to contact the Student Registry personally before graduation. 

So, if your last name comes before your first, or if you have a Chinese name, or if your middle name comes after your last name, or if the order of your name is ruined in any other way, and you don't want to have to explain to employers that your degree was in fact conferred to you and not someone else, please sign this petition and help us fight to achieve the following 2 outcomes:

  1. To implement an automatic system or at least University-wide prompt for all students to provide the correct order in which the first, middle and last names should appear on their degree certificate; and
  2. That the name printed on your degree will be identical to that printed on your transcript or any other formal document.


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