Stop Sigma Chi From Recruiting

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The Sigma Chi Iota Chi chapter at UCSD has shown blatant disregard and have oppressed women at UCSD by perpetuating rape culture. In spring 2019 a group of Sigma Chi fraternity members assaulted a girl while she was inebriated and circulated the video throughout the fraternity group message. They received sanctions from the university and are not allowed to recruit until winter of 2023 but have been actively recruiting off campus. UCSD has refused to take action as their international headquarters continues to protect them. Sigma Chi has refused to listen to reason from other chapters and believes that the actions of a few do not reflect on them as a chapter. Members continue to wear their letters proudly even after their suspension and new female students need to made aware of the dangers of interacting with men associated with this chapter as UCSD will take no responsibility if harm comes to them. 

Furthermore, Sigma Chi has been known to be hosting parties over quarantine and targeting freshman girls in general. Before their suspension it was known that Sigma Chi was a frat you risked going to and being roofied. Their national headquarters are protecting their atrocious action and these men are not representative of the UCSD population and what we believe in. 

Please hold Sigma Chi accountable and spread the word about the danger they present to safety on our campus. Do not go to their parties and encourage this behavior that embraces a culture of privilege and not being held responsible for actions that undoubtedly have impacted individuals profoundly. Adopt empathy and choose to cancel Sigma Chi as a part of UCSD WE DO NOT WANT.