Deny Students for Justice in Palestine the Ground to Spread Anti-Semitism

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After several weeks of press coverage, UCLA has reiterated its intention to host the 2018 National Students for Justice in Palestine Conference. In spite of this, we have exciting progress to share! First, this petition has surpassed 1000 signatures and is continuing to grow quickly! Several student articles have been published or are nearing publication by students on campuses across the country including this one by Michael Harel at Binghamton University. These articles articulate the fact that UCLA’s decision to host the NSJP Conference has consequences for students at universities across the world. We’ve also received support from organizations like Students Supporting Israel, a pro-Israel international campus movement, and Act.IL, an online community that acts to promote a positive influence on the international public opinion towards the state of Israel via social media platforms. These organizations, and others like them, have used their influence to expand the reach of this growing campaign. With your continued support, we hope to reach 5000 signatures. It is critical that the UCLA administration sees a large and united community standing up against SJP’s intolerance. Please sign and share this petition. Every voice counts!  

4 years ago