Tuition Decrease for all Students Due to Remote Learning

Tuition Decrease for all Students Due to Remote Learning

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It is no secret that during these trying times, as numerous individuals are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, that working-class individuals are struggling financially. Despite this, the board of the University of Calgary has remained radio silent about temporary tuition decreases. This is particularly heinous in light of the currently elected Premier's tuition increase policy for the province. 

Mortgage payments have been deferred during this period, but nothing, in particular, is being done for students besides the $1,250 CERB package which is not available to all students. As young people with already limited resources, it almost seems like these institutions are hindering us from succeeding in order to fulfill their own objectives. 

Presently, classes at the University of Calgary have moved online. I and numerous other students have not been prevailing in this online format due to technical difficulties, lack of direct access to professors and classmates, and a more vague course outline where we are left confused for the majority of the course duration. This is clearly sub-par education in comparison to the previous in-class sessions, but our tuition does NOT reflect that. The University of Calgary prides itself on integrity and quality education, so why is the University Administration turning a blind eye to this issue?

The students are aware that the campus is currently closed, and they no longer have access to the resources that are still being charged on their accounts. The school gets to save money on water, electricity, and maintenance costs at the expense of its students. It is not fair and is especially vile to take advantage of vulnerable individuals who have been put out of work and barely have enough money to pay all of their bills. 

The students at the University of Calgary, who have made this institution what it is currently, advocate for a 30% decrease in tuition during the COVID-19 crisis. This tuition decrease should apply to BOTH domestic and international students. We are open to negotiations concerning this percentage. Please do have empathy towards us especially during perilous times like this.