Stop UBC from scaling grades down

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The students that attend this university put everything they can into their work, INCLUDING myself, to basically only be told that it's not worth it in the end. To have all these graduate programs or master programs that students are working SO hard at to apply to, and then be told that regardless of the grade they worked to get that their final grade will be lower due to scaling to maintain UBC's department averages is unacceptable.

I understand this is a top university in Canada, but we are one of the ONLY schools that participates in actively scaling students DOWN. Why can't you just allow the students to get the grades that they are working for?! WHY can't we have the grades we WORKED for. How does scaling down motivate us to keep trying? How does it show us that "hard work pays off"?

This type of system PROVES to students that they are never good enough. It SHOWS students that as soon as they get ahead, or get to where they want to be that it's STILL not good enough. How does that help anyones well-being? Mental health? Determination? Anything for that matter? How does this make students continue to want to try?

NO student deserve this. I watch so many individuals at UBC give up any social interactions, sleep, exercise, or even proper eating habits in order to keep working to improve their grades. Students deserve to feel REWARDED and SECURE with the grades they work towards. Our grades MATTER to us. We are putting students self-worth and esteem as stake.