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For the University of Brighton to overturn the decision by Vice Chancellor Debra Humphris to pull out of the race equality charter

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The University of Brighton’s Vice Chancellor, Debra Humphris has decided not to commit to the Race Equality Charter. A Decision made with a distinct lack of transparency, consultation and representation from the very incredibly marginalised groups that such a move will most affect.

The race for equality charter seeks to address: under-representation in courses both at the student and faculty level as well as management, a White curriculum that ignores the history of Black students’ and marginalises the contribution of Black academics from the core curriculum and mainstream discourse. It seeks to address and overcome the barriers that are in place for black students and staff. To tackle and eradicate Institutional racism and marginalisation.  

We urge Debra Humphries to reconsider this decision and to provide the resources and support necessary to:

  1. Fully commit to the Charter and to tackling racial inequality within the university. 
  2. To provide staff and students with the necessary support and resources to address and best tackle racial inequality, institutional racism and to implement the charter. 
  3. Address the lack of transparency within the University and within senior management and the decision-making process. Which has also been a concern raised by students at the Hastings campus, with it coming out through the local media that the Vice Chancellor, Debra is considering the closure of the campus. 
  4. Address the lack of diversity and representation within staff and management.
  5. End participation and cooperation with the racist and islamophobic PREVENT strategy.

We don’t want a video, a press release or any meaningless acts of tokenism, we’re sick of talking rhetoric we want meaningful action and for the University and the Vice chancellor to show that they are committed to ending racial inequality.

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