Save the Woodland Court students from eviction or relocation

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We are postgraduate students at the University of Bath who are being forced to relocate from Woodland Court to off-campus Accommodation. This move is against our wishes and is nothing short of harassment as we have no choice but to move during a critical period of our studies (in the middle of writing our dissertations). Despite being an educational establishment, our University is using a minor clause in our contract which allows them to move us, much to our inconvenience, so that they can maximise profits through short-term lets during the lucrative tourist season (summer months).

We pay on average £20,000 in tuition fees and another £8,000 in accommodation fees. This is apparently not enough for the University, which almost every year uses the same technicality in our contracts to move students to cheaper rooms with no potential for tourist lets. The University has over 3,000 bedrooms on campus and we are merely 100-200 students. We can easily be accommodated but the University is simply unwilling to spare a mere 5% of their bedstock. Our accommodation fees are already some of the most expensive in UK and we pay full commercial rates and yet are subjected to this kind of treatment.

The University’s plan to move us to off-campus accommodation will mean that we will be living about 3 miles away from campus. During the summer months, most of us will be spending long hours in the library working on our dissertations.  As we currently live 200 metres from the library, we were hoping to be able to go home for food and tea breaks. Plus, all of us are registered with the University medical centre and many are members of the University gym.  Our whole life is centred around our accommodation. If we are moved off-campus, our routines will be disrupted and we will have to bear additional costs for travel, food, insurance and buying new items. Plus, the kitchen groups are a different size off-campus so our friendships could be torn apart.

We are requesting the University

  1. To use other rooms for their short-term business and spare us the unnecessary inconvenience
  2. If the above is not possible, move us to other on-campus accommodation
  3. Plan their business including refurbishment programmes better and avoid inconveniencing students or at least forewarn and consult students
  4. If none of this is possible and we have to move, compensate us for:
  • Additional travel and insurance costs
  • Cost of moving our belongings including, wear and tear and packing materials
  • Additional catering costs as we will have to eat out more often
  • A suitable goodwill gesture for the inconvenience caused

We believe our requests are reasonable. We believe that if a tenant is inconvenienced in similar circumstances, the landlord normally compensates them for their inconvenience and losses.  However our efforts to resolve the matter with Mr Matthew Waldron, the Student Accommodation Manager, via internal complaints procedure has so far yielded no results hence we are now forced to use a petition.

If you agree with us, please sign this petition.  If you are one of the Woodland Court Residents and were asked to moved, please click the link below and fill in the form:

Thank you for your support! 

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