Increasing the laundry number in the accommodation

Increasing the laundry number in the accommodation

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Anthony Chen started this petition to University of Bath

As an international postgraduate student currently studying Applied Psychology and Economic Behaviour at the University of Bath, the workload is tremendously heavy enough. Living in university accommodation is to reduce the trivia and to focus on the study. However, the realistic experience seems not as expected.
Students are frustrated by things other than study, for example, merely doing the laundry. Here is what happened in the university accommodation in Thornbank garden as an example.
221 students live in the accommodation, wherewith only 3 sets of washing and drying machines. The ratio of laundry machines and resident numbers are not reasonable. Here are the statistics data from other university accommodations:
Pulteney court: 137 residents with 2 sets of laundry machines (one is malfunctioning currently); Exchange: 78 residents with 2 sets of laundry machines; Cleveland and canal wharf: 175 residents with 4 sets of laundry machines. Not even mention that some of the laundry machines are frequently out of order. However, the only accommodation with a reasonable ratio is the new built Polden. 8 students in a flat share a laundry machine. This issue makes me wonder why the students are treated unequally. Is the university accommodation team money-oriented or service-oriented?
Regarding the low number of laundry machines in the university accommodation, the issue has been reported several times. The staff only suggest us to do the laundry in an alternative time, which leaves me the only time slot to do laundry without waiting over an hour or even more is around 1:00 am. It turned out to be almost 2:45 am while I finished the laundry. Being treated like this leads to frustration in the university life experience. Is this even right?

In this case, we can see
1. The manager of the accommodation team shows no willingness to deal with the issue by merely rejecting new facility requests.
2. The manager tends to avoid responsibility by giving a false statement. No related problem has been reported.
Briefly, the attitude is unacceptable.

We request
1. The accommodation team takes official actions and shows a willingness to address the issue.
2. The accommodation team sort out the problems with the laundry company, such as maintenance or refund policy. Residents should not be the victims.
3. The accommodation team releases an assessment report to explore the potential spaces for additional laundry machines.

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