Calling Auckland University to Account for Lockdown Rent.

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University Students have been completely neglected during the Covid-19 situation. Some of us have lost our incomes and yet we are receiving no financial aid, only an extra $1000 of debt. The University of Auckland is charging us rent for rooms that we can not use and this is unacceptable. Had all residents attempted to stay, the hall would have been forced to kick residents out, due to level 3/4 restrictions. The University is capitalising on the fact that many of us chose to leave, due to recommendation by the Government and the University. University failed to give clear information about whether we actually were all allowed to stay during the lockdown and whether we would be allowed back. UoA is being humiliated by other Universities in New Zealand such as Victoria and Waikato that have fully refunded their students in accommodation. We believe the University is committing daylight robbery and are demanding they live up to their statement of being 'New Zealand's top University' and provide us with the student support they claim to offer an abundance of.


We demand a full refund on rooms unable to be used during level 3 and 4 lockdown.