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Get the University of Auckland to change their method of cumulative GPA calculation

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Currently, the University of Auckland calculates cumulative GPAs by taking the grades from every course you have ever studied at the university, including courses studied in a completely different faculty that are not credited towards your current degree. This means that if you begin studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences for example, and consequently transfer to a Bachelor of Commerce, the cumulative GPA used for all applications during and following your study will include the grades from both courses of study, even if no papers are transferred across. Therefore if you decide to switch degree because you are not excelling in one pathway, the grades you have received here will follow through, tainting the achievements you gain in any further study. It also results in an unequal comparison between a student and their peers. This is because following the example above, if a commerce student applies for an opportunity only available to commerce students, their health science + commerce grades will be compared with just commerce grades from everyone else who has not made the decision to transfer degrees, therefore potentially putting them at a disadvantage if the papers studied are more difficult, or an unfair advantage if the papers studied were easier. Some common reasons for changing degree pathways are because the topics do not interest the student or they are not achieving well in the particular course, and therefore I feel that these grades should not be carried through to further study. This petition is to encourage the University of Auckland to have separate cumulative GPAs for each degree pathway studied, using the current enrolment for applications, and to have a further overall GPA for administrative purposes.

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