Get Carlaw To Fix Our Wifi

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Carlaw Park WiFi has been really unacceptable from the start of this year and according to previous records, this has been the case for previous years as well.

A solution to the microwave uplink network was to be implemented in April, however, April has come and gone and nothing has been done. If we are paying such a premium for rooms at this accommodation, each resident, via the advertised features (Carlaw Features) deserves to be given access to a stable wifi connection 24/7. This is clearly not the case whenever it rains and with the climate of Auckland, this happens to be every other day or so. The wifi, when it rains cuts out completely for most students (As brought up on the group page herehereherehere and many other posts). 

These inconveniences have caused major grievances for many students who have missed submissions to assignments, could not watch lecture recordings to catch up on classes and many international students who can not contact families via Skype which is primarily a means of contact advertised in accommodation videos on YouTube. 

If you are as upset with how the University of Auckland, its IT Department and Accommodations Department on how this situation has been just pushed back since the past years, Join me and sign this petition to encourage the University to put a priority on getting this issue resolved. By signing this petition, you show that you have been affected by this issue or believe that this is unfair treatment without compensation. 

Dear Resident of Carlaw - Your signature counts!