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Arizona, provide accurate and balanced information about the effects of medical marijuana.

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Medical marijuana has a huge stigma currently attached to its use among mainstream medical providers, despite growing evidence of its effectiveness and safety for use in treating a variety of physical and mental health symptoms. Providing one-sided and potentially biased information only continues to marginalize and disrespect those who have found marijuana or cannabis-based products to be their best available treatment option. There are many studies showing both positive and negative potential outcomes and effects of cannabis use as a medicine. Both types of studies should be present in any reference resource provided for use as an education tool for healthcare professionals.

As a veteran with PTSD, I have exhausted every mainstream pharmaceutical treatment for my condition. Many of these, rather than alleviating my symptoms, have increased my anxiety, often to the point of causing me to have suicidal thoughts. Off medication, I have the ability to control my thoughts, however, I experience significant anxiety and difficulty functioning outside my home. Through my own research, I have found many reputable studies, including some published through the National Institute of Health, that show the potential for significant benefit from medicinal marijuana. Omitting these studies while providing numerous sources demonstrating the dangers of marijuana do a dis-service to those for whom "standard" medicine has failed to find a treatment that works.

Please, provide both accurate and balanced studies on the potential benefits as well as the dangers of marijuana. This is similar to the standard used for pharmaceutical drugs, and would seem to be the only logical choice when providing education aimed at assisting healthcare providers and the community in general. Currently the State's website ( is one-sided, and prejudicial to all those seeking to benefit from medical marijuana, a legal and necessary treatment.

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