APPROVE THE STUDENTS' CODE! Let us safeguard the rights and welfare of every Thomasian.

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Awareness of one’s rights essentially leads to better welfare and fuller experiences. It is time the entire Thomasian community opens its eyes to the truth of the situation and thinks critically of the decade-long problem. In spite of the prolonged and delayed actualization of the Student's Code, we Thomasians, must never falter. 

It covers provisions on academic rights, freedom of expression, the right to information, participation in policy-making, the right to organize, the right to due process, etc.

As students of this university, we have the influence to voice out what we deem is right. A charter that puts no one above it will, ipso facto, safeguard what Thomasians deserve and create a more democratic atmosphere. The fight has only begun.

Let us be persistent and engaging in our search for verity. Let Vox Alumni Pro Veritas, the voice of the students for truth, be heard. 

Join us. The call for action starts NOW!