Stoppt die aktuellen Kündigungen von Lehrkräften an der UE!

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Dear management of UE - University of Applied Sciences Europe,

We as students and customers noticed, that you started to make structural decisions regarding our very studies, such as the termination of our lecturer’s contracts.
We kindly remind you as the whole student body, that each one of us signed a contract with the UE. This marks us as paying customers and the institution “University of Applied Sciences Europe” as provider of a proper lectureship.

We don’t see the educational quality of UE further guaranteed, if the company of GUS or UE dismisses our lecturers.
Even though we all pay for our education and therefore demand an adequate service/educational product in return. We as students require a certain level concerning our studies to keep them consistent and valuable.
This ensures our success we invest in.
The termination of our lecturers can endanger the educational standards of UE, as well as the image and international reputation of the university itself.

We demand to keep our lecturers and professors.