Changing the test standard of the RMS interim exam 3

Changing the test standard of the RMS interim exam 3

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University of Amsterdam - RMS section

Why this petition matters

Started by Dune Ketelaar

The Interim exam 3 of the RMS course at the University of Amsterdam was too difficult. Because; 

  • The practice tests and extra practice sheets were not representative of the real exam. 
  • There where too much exercises that cost a lot of time calculating; there where too many and too much excel calculations, which we we were not prepared for, which was very overwhelming and stressful, 
  • There was a wrong file attached to a question, which also lead to  students losing a lot of time and experiencing a lot of stress.  

Complaints about the open question: 

  • The open ended question required to know how to use a Pivot table, but in the exam information was clear that we needed to know only how to use Excel for calculating mean and standard deviation.
  • And: an open question being a calculation-question isn’t fair cause if you do one step wrong, you'll lose all the points. This caused a very stressful experience for most of us!

We, students that took that interim exam, want the test standard of this interim exam to change. Our GPA's have been drastically lowered and this causes a lot of stress for the upcoming interim exam. 

Attached: a google forms where you can also write about your experiences with the Interim exam, which will also be shared with our lecturers. 


156 have signed. Let’s get to 200!