David H. Turpin needs to hold Rik Tykwinski accountable for the recent department changes

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Rik Tykwinski needs to explain recent faculty changes to UofA students and David H. Turpin

Recent developments regarding Rik Tykwinski and the hiring of several new chemistry faculty members, most of which have little to no experience, should elicit a response from the student body at large. This alone would not be an issue despite the striking fact that one of the most renowned faculty members at the University has been let go. In a letter (linked below) Roy Jensen detailed how Rik Tykwinski praised his experience teaching and public outreach, however failed to provide a concrete reason as to why he was let go.

Another striking fact is that “The University of Alberta is one of the last institutions where instructors have zero job security and are at the whim of the Chair. The devastating consequences thereof -- for students, instructors, and the institution -- are obvious.” (from the reddit thread). As a leading University in Canada this has far reaching ramifications if certain members -more specifically instructors- of this institution have no formal protection.

Changes impacting the professional careers of faculty members should not have come down to the reasoning of only the department chair. Such actions that have the potential to impact the students of the University should not be conducted behind closed doors. As such the recent actions of Rik Tykwinski should be explained to the students of the University as well as President David H. Turpin.

All quotes are from the thread below: