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University of Alaska Fairbanks: Our Student Government is Flawed

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Here's an idea. Maybe ASUAF shouldn't stake out ridiculous positions on contentious administrative issues that have no actual impact on the lives of students. Perhaps instead of chronically debating with the administration, working against the staff members that work extremely hard to make UAF an awesome place-- Senators Should stick to the basics—like helping and advocating for student groups, making sure groups get their allotted funding, or protecting students' rights and interests from administrative interference. You know, the practical stuff

Do you know what ASUAF even does?
Do you utilize their services?
Do you know how they are utilizing student funding?

According to the American Student Government Association there are 25 "worst" mistakes a student government can make. It's pretty evident that ASUAF hits at least 20 of them. 

Not following through

Not planning for the future

Going to the press or staging demonstrations

Poor publicity and marketing

Taking on too many projects

Poor communication with students, faculty and staff 

Seeing administrators as “The Bad Guy”

Being isolated and not networking

Failing to understand that Student Government exists to serve

Not “picking your battles” carefully with campus administration

Doing things in secret behind closed doors

Failing to comply with college policies

Not showing up or being prepared for committee meetings

Failing to set realistic goals

Treating staff and faculty like servants

Focusing too much on activities and programming

Taking action before surveying your students

Not focusing on classes

Spend too much time amending the constitution

Reinventing the wheel and poor records

Drinking at an event or in the office

Being irresponsible with students’ money

Not training the members

Taking everything too personally

Allowing gossip and negativity to fester

This petition is not meant to discount the individuals who do good work within ASUAF, but rather to showcase to the administration that overall the student body does not feel that they are being properly represented.  The drive for the creation of this petition stemmed from many active student leaders explaining- how little they know about ASUAF or what they do-- EVEN THE President on a Facebook livestream from UAF's main Facebook couldn't give a specific answer,

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