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Charger hockey is essential!

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For many year The University of Alabama Huntsville Charger Hockey has been the support beam for youth hockey in north Alabama. 

Personally I would have never known about hockey if it were not for UAH Chargers Hockey. I lived in a very rural area of Tennessee. Fell in love with hockey because of UAH and the Channel Cats. I played for 6 years. We had clinics provided by UAH. My checking clinic and goaltending clinic was done by UAH coaches and players. I had a pair of jeans that was signed by the team one season. My whole family loves UAH hockey. Sometimes more than the hockey. 

If UAH takes away hockey from their school, northern Alabama will lose so much hockey. Kids have to have young people to look up to not just professionals. 

I am writing this to send to UAH and show how many people support our Charger Hockey. 

The community need UAH hockey, those student athletes need hockey (not to mention the scholarship money). If you ask someone what they know about UAH they know usually one of three things. 

  1. engineering.
  2. nursing.
  3. the fun to watch awesome hockey team. 

To the people in charge at the university think also about the academic scholarships grant money UAH hockey brings. Those young men are not just hockey players and do not just sell tickets. I did see on the announcement UAH is going to honor their scholarships, but what about the future. 

I had friends from high school that their deciding factor in choosing to attend UAH was going to the hockey games. So the university would lose interest in students because everyone has the other sports but who has a hockey team that produces well educated people and professional hockey players like Cam Talbot. 

Your hockey players are some of the nicest I have met along with the pep band! 

I did not mention they pep band before. That gives UAH Charger Hockey another pull to keep.

How many band students join because of the hockey games?

How many people come to the games to support both the band and the team?

Is the elimination of a high valued team worth the cost of losing 

  • those students athletes
  • possible band students
  • the local community of hockey
  • one of the university’s well know programs

You may look into my profile and see I did not attend UAH while I may not be a proud Charger Alumnus. I am proud to support UAH Charger Hockey however I can!

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Got a signature from NHL Star Goaltender and UAH Alumni Cam Talbot!

Signature from Huntsville Havoc Star Tyler Piacentini!

As always support from alumni!

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