Support for Nursing Students

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The Nursing students of University of Adelaide are required to participate in black placements - both rural and metro. These placements take us away from our jobs, our families and friends and cost a substantial amount out of our own pockets. After many requests to the Uni to provide a better support network - and after researching what other Universities (e.g UniSA) provide for their students - we feel that we have been ignored and not taken seriously. For some, having to live away from home for 6 weeks is an almost impossible task financially and emotionally. We also see it as a real shame - we are all excited to go on our placements, but the stress they put us under means that they become more of a burden.

By providing some level of support - whether it be in the form of accommodation, a weekly allowance or even providing free parking when we are only metro placement - students would feel that they can relax when going on placement, and it will not have the profound mental and emotional strain that it does for some currently.


Laura Gentgall (2nd Year Nursing Student)