Texas UIL Spring Sports/Competitions to be completed during the Summer of 2020

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The UIL has cancelled all Spring Sports/Competitions. 
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Countless high school seniors will not compete in Baseball, Softball, Track, OAP, Academics, Soccer, or any of the other Spring activities.  These seniors have worked towards and dreamed about participating in these activities one last time but now that has been taken away.  These activities could take place in June, July, or August after the COVID-19 Pandemic has peaked and it is safe.  Football and Marching Band start practice before school starts so why can't other activities start after school has ended.

Kids grow up playing with their friends and acting out the final seconds of the state championship game.  "It's bottom of the 7th inning, Joe Q. Public is at the plate with 2 strikes against him, Joe can win the state championship for his school with a hit, the pitcher delivers the pitch, Joe swings, the ball is in the gap, the crowd is going crazy, the first run scores, the 2nd runner is rounding 3rd and coming home, the fielder has the ball and fires it home, the runner slides in and with a cloud of dust the umpire yells out, Safe!"  Instead all we will here is crickets.  No lifelong memories created.  No life lessons learned.

We teach our children to dream big, set big goals, and then work hard to achieve them.  They have done that and they have worked hard to reach those goals. Now "Poof" they don't even get the chance to try.  But, they could still compete.  Do it during the summer.  Yes, it will be difficult.  Yes, we have never done it like this. Yes, it is out of the ordinary, but don't our children deserve it.  Don't take no for an answer, find a way.  Where there's a will there's a way!!!

Play the Spring sports in the Summer.