Bring back dress up week for Year 12s

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Greetings from the senior students. 

Muck-up day has been a beloved day many students have looked forward too, considering the issues it brings along we understand why the school administration has banned it and we agree with that decision too. However, we believe we deserve a week of festivities after the 13 years of study us, as hard-working students have completed. 

We would like to introduce a dress-up week in place of muck up day. Each day students dress up according to a theme. This follows a trend that many other schools have put in place to replace muck-up day yet allowing students to have a fun safe student-run celebration, uniting the cohort. This gives students something to look forward towards the end of the year and can help students de-stress from the everlasting dread of the final exams. 

please sign our petition and help create a new fun tradition at uni-high. :)