Why the healthcare system in India neglects Pharmacy practice and pharm D professionals?

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Pharmacy practice or the graduates from pharm D course are meant to be bridges between the patient's and healthcare team to ensure appropriate customised medical care to the patient's. 

In a country like India where the Dr patient ratio is poor, need for such professionals is huge.

Unfortunately the medical community is unaware of the exact value addition of these professionals because of which these are not getting their due attention. Not all in general but there is a kind of resistance from many and many do not want to listen or even understand what we are? Those meds who have been to or who have practiced in some foreign countries will know their importance. Even the African countries have clinical pharmacy practice as a routine care package.

Moreover they need to be trained in proper hospitals for the right learning to add value. Multiple agencies are there but it doesn't seem to happen.

Without bridging the gap, why was a discipline called pharmacy practice introduced? Why a course called pharm d was introduced?

Infrastructural lacunas in training, untrained staff on ground, rampant approval of many number of colleges, not able to create a valuable place for pharmacy practice in health care, not caring either for patients or for the students have left many lives and a beautiful patient care initiative in a dead end...

Revisit all colleges of pharm d. Ensure correct implementation of facilities and training. Educate drs on pharmacy practice. Create a win win situation for patients and drs by doing these.

Drs have less time. More patients. Nurses administer the meds. We need an effective manager of therapy to implement the plan and keep taking feedbacks to help the system contribute more towards safe therapy and a customised therapy...That's possible by the pharmacy practice people...

One of the largest healthcare market. More patients. Less drs. More awareness needed. But pharmacist neglected...In particular the clinical pharmacist..