Remove 75% attendance rule from Indian Universities

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"Children must be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think".

 One of the most fascinating things about humans is our uniqueness. Creativity has no limits if we try to expand our mind to thing out of the box. But creativity for most students in India is just about getting passing marks in a semester. Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak recently stated, "Indian Culture Lacks Creativity".

But what's more fascinating is that it's not the fault of most students, who would wake up early to go to college, spend 8 hours learning a very limited and NOT AT ALL creative syllabus. And after being completely exhausted coming home, there would be projects and assessments, which most students would not even solve by themselves. If that wasn't enough, students in India also have to maintain 75% attendance, else they aren't qualified for examinations. A simple question arises here. Where's the time for creativity?

The educational system in India has defined a fixed path for students and with it's strict measurements, makes it completely inflexible for students to THINK. Sir Kenneth Robinson, a British author, speaker and international advisor on education gracefully stated that every child is unique and should be treated differently when it comes to schooling. TED - Escape Education.

Stating all the facts, I would request University Grants Commission of India(UGC) to remove the 75% attendance rule from all Indian Universities so that students can decide themselves on how to manage their time and thus take a step towards creativity. I'll be highly obliged if University Grants Commission of India(UGC) may look into the matter and remove the 75% attendance.


Chaitanya Bhardwaj