Postpone Final Year University Due to Covid 19

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India’s Covid-19 cases climbed to the fourth highest in the world, overtaking the UK , even as the country reported another highest single-day rise in new infections and deaths. The number of cases now stand at 297,535.

In light of the current scenario, the UGC had instructed Universities to conduct exams for final year students in July 2020

But here’s what can go wrong: 


Agreed and appreciated that Universities are taking measures so that our education doesn’t suffer.  But even after adopting all precautions, probability of infection will be high.

And we might also end up infecting our whole family , which is not worth a exam.

We students aren’t making excuses to get rid of exams. We are just assuring our own safety and of our family .

So we sincerely request UGC to delay exams until situation is improved. Or else universities and government should compensate all the HEAVY medical bills if we and our family gets infected ( which nearly cost 4 lakhs per person)

Student life shouldn’t be treated like examination fee!!!!

Dont risk our lives!!!!