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We want UGC Affiliation for All courses of Birla Institute of Technology,Patna Campus

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We want UGC Affiliation for all courses of BIT Patna Campus.

We need
-Approval from UGC
-Approval from AICTE
- registration no for the batch 2016-17
- continuation of Dept of Architecture
- Intake of 2017-18.

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Future of 180 Architecture Student is at risk now.

and soon other 1220 students from other departments of the college will also face this problem. Their degrees will also be declared invalid as per UGC Laws.



Support us in this struggle.

We are students from Department of Architecture, BIT-Patna and we are fighting for our rights with college administrations and UGC. During admissions we were not informed about pending UGC approval and now our we are not eligible for COA license.

BIT-Patna should be a UGC approved college, so that students can get a legitimate degree and licence for professional practice.

All the courses should be UGC APPROVED and all the degrees provided should be valid everywhere.

dont play with the future of 1500 students.

Registration under Council of Architecture for students batch 2016-17.
"We are fighting for our rights, that we deserve as students"

The education of the students is at stake. Years of hard work and determination, all gone waste. Recognition is still a big question yet to be answered.

The students of Birla Institute of Technology have put forward their effort to legalize their Degrees. The Off campus centers of BIT Mesra are yet to be recognized by the UGC. The degrees thus provided by the institution are technically illegal. Though the degrees provided are by the main campus yet we are segregated as off campus centers.

Professional course viz. Architecture, which requires license is being, affected the most. Thus risking the future and the career of the students. The COA which generally provides the license has denied it as the Centre is not UGC Approved. Without this license the students won’t be allowed to practice or pursue further higher studies. Thus, rendering the whole effort of five years, futile.

Owing to the fact that UGC has denied its approval, 2016-17 batch is not COA approved as admission was done without any prior permission from the council. Thus, inducing chaos and disturbance among the students, regarding their future. This is having pragmatic effect as it infuses a sense of insecurity and forgery
As a ramification of all these, the intake of 2017-18 batch has been withheld, which may lead to the termination of the department of Architecture. Thus degrading the value of the degree being issued by the Institution.

Moreover, the AICTE approval plays a pivotal role, which also has been denied this year to the department of Architecture.
The students have put forward their grievances and have started requesting their rights. UGC Recognition, validation of their degrees and the continuation of department are the major intent of their demands. A secure future is what they want. With a lot of hope they joined such an august organization to get their degree, now all their hopes have been subdued with this revelation.

They are not out on the streets protesting, rather requesting theirs rights. Peaceful protests and march are being organized to showcase their resentment towards the injustice incurred by them.

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