Help Save 100+ Year-Old UBC Trees From Being Cut Down

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The UEL Manager (Jonn Braman) has a budget for cutting down trees across the UBC Endowment Lands and he's scheduling to cut down a corridor of near 100-year-old maple trees along the corner of Wesbrook Crescent and College Highroad right beside the UBC bus loop/exchange.

When a local resident reached out to the UEL Office to inquire about the reason for this decision, Jonn apparently said that they have a budget for cutting down trees and it needs to be spent.

In an article featured in the Vancouver Sun on January 22nd, Jonn Braman commented: “The trees are located on public boulevards, are mature and of grand stature, but there has been a couple of near misses with major branches falling and a tree splitting in half. Drought, severe storms and disease are taking a toll.”

There is no proof or sign of disease whatsoever in these trees, and cutting down each entire tree is unnecessary and extreme. These trees are not posing any threat to passersby nor obstructing any traffic or development. These trees have been around far longer than any of us and they are treasures to UBC and The University Endowment lands.

They are home to birds, insects, and entire ecosystems. They have been appreciated by residents and students for nearly 100 years and we need to fight to keep them around the next century of students to appreciate.

Please sign this petition and reach out to Jonn Braman @ The UEL Administration Management Staff demanding they leave these ancient  maple trees alone — as they are not harming nor obstructing anything.

PLEASE call (604-660-1808) OR email the main staff responsible for this decision directly at:

The UEL Administration Office is located at:
5495 Chancellor Boulevard
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1E2

The students and residents of UBC and The Endowment Lands will not stand by and let these ancient trees be cut down!