Secure a replacement venue for UCLU Bloomsbury Theatre productions

My experiences in the Bloomsbury Theatre and Garage Theatre as part of the UCLU Stage Crew society have changed me for the better. As someone who was introverted and awkward, I cannot stress enough the importance of these venues in creating an environment where students can push their boundaries and grow by creating something marvelous for others to enjoy.

Having dedicated spaces, particularly one the scale of the Bloomsbury Theatre, affect performances ranging from (but not limited to) the quality of production to the audience draw to the ability to continue growing this skill base. It has been 5.5 years since I’ve left UCL and I remember far more about the UCLU Arts experiences than my lectures. I hope UCL will place more value on the arts community and what it brings to the students and the institution.

Grace Lim, Bracknell, ENG, United Kingdom
6 years ago
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