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University of Missouri put acid in the eyes of 6 beagle puppies then euthanized them.

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In Columbia, Missouri, researchers at the University of Missouri – Columbia blinded six young beagles under the age of one after damaging their corneas and then killed the dogs because the experiment failed, reports the Daily News.

In an April 7 study, researchers blinded the six puppies in their left eye, split them into two groups and then tested a treatment for corneal ulcers. The experiment failed – and all of the pups were killed; their eyes removed and stored for future study.

“The university researchers killed these six beagles after purposely damaging their corneas by pouring an experimental acid into them and then killing them when they’re done because  the experiment failed,” stated Kevin Chase, vice president of the Beagle Freedom Project, a nonprofit who finds homes for dogs who survive experimental laboratory research.
Chase went on to explain that regardless of the results of the experiment, the research would have been deemed invalid; therefore the suffering and the death of the dogs had been unnecessary.

Not long after,the Beagle Freedom Project a Los Angeles-based animal rights group, which specializes in rescuing and rehoming animals from laboratories and testing facilities, learned of the study.

According to the Beagle Freedom Project, they would have gladly taken the puppies and found them new homes and are horrified at the university’s failure to reach out to the rescue group.

Beagle Freedom Project Vice President Kevin Chase, a 15-year veteran in animal activism, said his initial reaction to the study was that it was “absurd and overly gruesome.”
“If the University of Missouri would have more transparency to the taxpaying public, then maybe projects like this wouldn’t get a rubber stamp (of approval),” he said.

He said that most of the time, lab animals are euthanized since the laboratories do not have the space, resources or time for them following research. Additionally, Chase said, labs don't want to draw public attention to the fact that they are engaging in animal research, which is controversial.

Chase said he and others at the Beagle Freedom Project stumbled upon the study when they were looking at MU’s published research. 

Some states — California, Minnesota, Connecticut, Nevada and New York — have laws mandating the adoption of lab animals after completing research. Bills are pending in Illinois and Maryland. The other 43 states, Missouri included, don’t have any sort of requirement by law.

Beagles make up 96 percent of the dogs used by 383 different laboratories in the U.S. The breed makes up such a large portion because they are naturally very trusting of humans. Six of the beagles used in the MU study were purchased by the university from Covance Laboratory in Cumberland, Virginia.

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