Complain about unsafe and unfair learning environment created by the chemistry teacher(38)

Complain about unsafe and unfair learning environment created by the chemistry teacher(38)

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From group 38 .

To : Saratov State Medical university

We appreciate the learning platform you created before we arrive in Saratov ,online learning is hard but our Chemistry teacher ( Irina Suslikova) is not making it any better for us . We are not proud of the marks that we obtained from our tests and quizzes, respectively. We will study even harder , but can the Chemistry teacher also improve the learning environment she creates for us per lesson; 

  1. She has the tendency of Ignoring our questions based on the content of the lecture but rather stresses other group’s marks and iPads. 
  2. She acknowledges the unfortunate events where students are cutoff from the Zoom Meeting due to internet problems and refuses to let them back in.
  3. She disrespects other upcoming classes by giving us limited time to complete her work and stops accepting submissions. This firmly put us under pressure and disturbs our focus and intreractions for the following class.
  4. She highlights the fact that our scores will inhibit us to write exams which demolishes our mental health.
  5. She mentions tests which cannot be found on the educational portali
  6. The aura she creates when she sends us emails is rude.
  7. She tells us to write test under lessons we did not cover in classes.

These are few issues that contribute to the failure of us understanding content of lessons and not passing our tests. This has carried on since we started having Chemistry classes and we can’t take it anymore because if this continues then we will unfortunately not qualify to write exams . 
We kindly please request to have a new chemistry teacher . 

Thank you for the consideration.

35 have signed. Let’s get to 50!