Give UB students days off throughout the spring 2021 semester

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Because of Covid-19, the University at Buffalo has changed the start of the spring semester to February 1st. In doing this, UB students will not receive a spring break. This means that students will be subject to 15 straight weeks of work with no break. The university could argue that students get weekends off, but every college student spends their weekends on homework, studying, and catching up on lectures. Even if they're not doing those things, they're using those two days to recuperate from the past 5 days of work. This isn't even mentioning the students who have jobs, family members to take care of, or their own health issues to tend to.

I want to propose giving UB students some days off throughout the semester to make up for the lack of spring break. A few three day weekends would make a world of a difference to every single student. The precautions surrounding Covid-19 have brought on a large increase of mental health issues. On top of quarantining and a lack of human interaction, students will have to work online for 15 weeks straight without a break. This will, and already has, take a large toll on many students. With online classes, students aren't able to make relationships with their classmates. The relationships between professors and extremely impersonal, especially with asynchronous classes. These things cannot be avoided with the nature of online courses. To maintain the mental health of UB students, the least the university could do is give us a few Fridays or Mondays off. This way, students can still have a reasonable amount of time to unwind and it will discourage traveling home and back to the university. In turn, lowering the chances of spreading Covid-19.

If you think you would benefit from periodic days off throughout the semester, please feel free to sign this petition. If you would like, please leave a comment on how much these days off would help you, how the fall semester online has effected you, or any comments in general. Thank you.