International students pledge not to recommend studying in the UK

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Universities UK,

As an international student, I pledge not to recommend studying in the UK unless Universities UK begins renegotiations and agrees to keep the defined benefits pension plan.

At Sussex alone, there are 6000 international students making up approximately ⅓ of the student population. 3,164 students are from outside of the EU paying £15-18,000/year while students from within the EU pay a minimum of £9,000/year - far more than they would pay in their home countries. UUK’s decision caused disruption to our education leaving students dissatisfied. Furthermore, changing the scheme to defined contribution will create economic uncertainty for academics and deter top talent making the UK a less attractive country for study.

Unless UCU demands are met by March 16th, 2018, we will circulate this pledge through alumni networks and press in our home countries.

Many say the UK cannot afford keeping the defined benefits pension intact. Overseas students brought in a conservative estimate of £47,460,000 to the University of Sussex in the 2017/2018 year alone. Ask yourself, can it afford not to?