Sly tactics by University/Government- leading students blindfolded into University

Sly tactics by University/Government- leading students blindfolded into University

1 October 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jane Mason

Hey! You!

You left sixth form and had a heap of dreams and aspirations about attending University?

You knew about COVID but your chosen University gave no or little information about how this would affect your studies?

So you paid student fees AND hall fees? Yes?

So now you’re sitting in your tiny hall room, having had a note shoved under your door telling you you’re now in isolation for 14 days. Your meals will be shoved under your door like some kind of solitary prisoner? You’ve just left home, your mum, dad, brothers, sisters, pets. You’re feeling alone, “isolated” and confused? Your mental health is suffering and your thinking of quitting?

You scan the News, politicians are flouting rules with no repercussions. Governments cannot even agree the same guidance within the UK, let alone localised guidance.

You are an intelligent young adult. You want to make a contribution to your country, that’s why you’re on this university journey? You could cope with some online classes, but you arrived to find everything is online. 

You think for a moment. Hey, was there no statisticians working this months before ? Surely they could see the fallout of sending thousands of students to university to live and socialise in the height of a pandemic?

and guess what? They did. They knew months ago. There are people paid big money to predict these things. And you know what? They took that risk. Do you know why? Because “they” want your money and f*ck your mental health and university experience. When I say they, it’s difficult to apportion blame, maybe the government who didn’t want to finance the universities’ loss, or the universities themselves, who knows? 

You were a product of a calculated risk that backfired spectacularly. Those who lay the blame entirely at your feet for “partying” need to go bury themselves.

”Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated”?

you have, cheated, lied to, manipulated, deliberately led into absence of information.

If you’re angry, sign.

Sign to get a heavily discounted tuition fee, and your accommodation fees reviewed. 














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Signatures: 26Next Goal: 50
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