Lower 2020/2021 Tuition Costs

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As a result of the CoVid-19 crisis, there are countless students who are struggling to pay basic costs of living let alone tuition costs. It has been determined by the majority of universities at this time to proceed with the fall term in almost entirely online classes. However, this seriously impacts the quality of learning, the social culture of university as well as the mental well-being of the students. Online learning has been proven to be a less effective way of learning and online courses are typically used to cut costs as they do not use up facilities, travel time, etc. Enrollment rates are expected to drop drastically as a result of CoVid-19 and lowering tuition costs may help to prevent a drastic imbalance in the education system. Overall, online education is not nearly sufficient enough to properly educate thousands of people and as students, we should not be paying the same rates as we were in previous years as the quality of education is not nearly the same. Support students and prospective students - We are the future!!