Support PhD Students in the time of Coronavirus

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Universities are already beginning to close down teaching facilities and local libraries are closing. It is likely that other social institutions, schools, childcare settings, and workplaces will be shut. Access to the internet may be impacted by increased use as more people spend time at home. In light of such developments (many of which we understand are in the interests of public health), we the undersigned are convinced that our capacity to continue research in these circumstances will be highly limited, even if we don’t become sick ourselves. 

In order to mitigate the impact of this crisis we demand:

  • All candidates final submission dates are extended by a minimum of 12 weeks
  • All milestone dates are extended by a minimum of 8 weeks
  • Additional support is provided for working from home - for example, small grants for home office equipment, ergonomic furniture, internet costs and the like. 
  • Additional leave of absence without penalty be granted to any HDR students who are unable to reasonably work from home (if they don’t have adequate space, ergonomically sound equipment, access to labs and so on)
  • Extended sick leave for students (including scholarship payments) by a minimum of 6 weeks
  • Carers leave for students (including scholarship payments) by a minimum of 6 weeks
  • A new category of leave be established for students adversely affected by the virus and associated shutdowns (including scholarship payments) 
  • An extension of scholarship funds to reflect any period of leave students have had to take
  • The granting of hardship funds for part time students without scholarships who are unable to work because of the current situation.
  • That the wages of all university casual workers be paid in full for the period of a university closure 
  • That paid sick leave be granted to all university casual staff. 

Already signed on: 

Jemima Amery-Gale, BVSc, The University of Melbourne, PhD student (laboratory based)

Ashleigh McIntyre, University of Newcastle, PhD Candidate (English) and casual academic

Amber Karanikolas, La Trobe University, PhD Candidate (Social Inquiry)

Kate Toone, Flinders University PhD candidate

Josie Reade, The University of Melbourne, PhD candidate

Regan Lynch, The University of Melbourne, PhD Candidate

Jessica Marian, University of Melbourne, PhD candidate

Sofie Onorato, University of Melbourne, PhD candidate

Chloe Green, University of Melbourne, PhD candidate

Sam Oldham, UniMelb, PhD candidate

Adam Hembree, University of Melbourne, PhD Candidate

Francesca Kavanagh, University of Melbourne, PhD Candidate

Isabelle Guenther, Monash University, PhD Candidate

Maria Hach, University of Melbourne, PhD candidate

David Vakalis, Monash University, PhD Candidate

Nicole Davis: UniMelb PhD; casual RA at UniMelb and UTS.

Luara Karlson-Carp, University of Melbourne, MA candidate

Carol Que, University of Melbourne, PhD student

Tyler Gleason, University of Melbourne, PhD candidate

Shan Windscript, University of Melbourne, PhD Candidate

Brendan Harwood, RMIT, PhD Candidate

Chloe Boyd, Deakin University, PhD Candidate

Bonita Marie Cabiles, PhD candidate, MGSE, Melbourne University

Chloe Boyd, Deakin University, PhD Candidate

Bonita Marie Cabiles, PhD candidate, MGSE, Melbourne University

Vashti Fox, PhD candidate and casual staff member University of Western Australia 

Rick Kuhn; ANU; Honorary Associate Professor in Sociology; PhD (Syd), BA (Hons) (Macq), BEc (Syd)

Andrea Gaynor, Associate Professor, University of Western Australia 

Jane Kenway, Emeritus Professor, Monash University

Dr Lindsay Fitzclarence; Hon Professor,  Deakin University.

Ethan Blue, Senior Lecturer, History, Honours Coordinator

Jan Gothard, BA PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor, Murdoch University

Linda Knight, A/Prof, RMIT

Samuel Douglas, University of Newcastle, Casual Academic & Research Assistant

Emily Gray, RMIT

Michael Lazarus, Monash University, Casual Academic

Jo Lampert, La Trobe University

Polly Bennett, AULLA, RMIT University and Victoria University

Sharlene Leroy-Dyer, UQ Lecturer

Professor Annette Woods, QUT

Amy Thomas, UTS

Sara C Motta, Associate Professor, Head of Politics Discipline, University of Newcastle

Dr Sarah Richardson, University of Melbourne and Deakin University, casual tutor and lecturer

Elias Greig, University of Melbourne, Research Assistant, Sessional Co-ordinator

Amy McKernan, University of Melbourne, lecturer

Dr Joshua Pocius, Lecturer in Gender Studies, the University of Melbourne

Dr Jordana Silverstein, University of Melbourne, Honorary Fellow

Dr Jessica Kean, Lecturer in Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney

Claire Akhbari, University of Melbourne casual tutor

Lucy Strang, University of Melbourne, casual tutor + PhD student

Zora Simic, Senior Lecturer, History and Gender Studies, UNSW

Sara Eagle, Senior Advisor, School of Engineering, RMIT University

Thao Phan, Research Fellow, Deakin University

Prof Angela Ndalianis, Swinburne University of Technology

Madeleine Ulbrick, Research Associate, Monash University

Dr Grace Torcasio, University of Melbourne, teaching specialist in Cultural Studies

Joni Meenagh, Lecturer, Criminology and Justice Studies, RMIT

Nicola Helps, Teaching Associate and PhD candidate, Monash University

Katherine Schofield, Sessional Teaching Associate / PhD Candidate, Monash University

Giulia Mastrantoni, Sessional & PhD Candidate, Monash Uni

Dr Elena Benthaus, Sessional Lecturer and Tutor, University of Melbourne and Deakin University

Dr Kristen Davis, Lecturer, Monash University

Dr Jay Daniel Thompson, Lecturer, RMIT University

Dr Julia Dehm, Lecturer, La Trobe University

Dr Monique Mann, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Deakin University

Dr Bree Carlton, Senior Lecturer Criminology, Deakin University

Rachel Flenley, PhD candidate, casual tutor, MGSE, University of Melbourne

Jo HIgginson, PhD candidate, sessional tutor, MGSE, University of Melbourne

Claudine Lam, PhD candidate, MGSE University of Melbourne

Elisa Di Gregorio, PhD Candidate, MGSE, The University of Melbourne

kerry price || phd candidate/casual academic || the anu, deakin, la trobe

Rosie Joy Barron, PhD student, The University of Melbourne

Roz Bellamy, La Trobe University, PhD candidate

Debbie ollis, Associate Professor Deakin University.

Dr Piper Rodd, Lecturer, Deakin University

Associate Professor Anne Harris, RMIT University

Stephanie Wescott, PhD candidate, Monash University

Samantha Mannix, PhD student + Casual Tutor, University of Melbourne

Dr Abbey MacDonald, UTAS, Snr Lecturer Arts Education

Fiona Belcher, PhD Student and employee, University of Melbourne

Claire Stonehouse, Deakin University, Lecturer, PhD Candidate

Lisa Bode, Senior Lecturer, UQ

Pat Thomson Visiting Prof Deakin University (U Nottingham)

Emily Roberts, President of the Graduate Students Association at University of Melbourne 

Nicole Mockler, Associate Professor of Education, University of Sydney

Dr Claire Charles, Senior Lecturer, Deakin University

Dr Rachel Chapman, Lecturer and Course Developer, Melbourne Polytechnic

Julie Rowlands, Associate Professor, Deakin University

Dr Kathryn Coleman, Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne

Susanne Gannon, Associate Professor, Western Sydney University

Emma Charlton, Lecturer in Education, Deakin University

Jo Lampert, Professor, La Trobe Uni

Professor Annette Woods QUT