Signatures gathering of the affected Erasmus students in Naples

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To whom it may concern;
I am Pere Vilalta Huguet, an Erasmus student currently studying online in the
University of Naples Federico II.
I am writing to explain my situation and the situation that a considerable amount of
Erasmus students in Naples are living in the times of Covid-19.
The students that have arrived on the second semester are really concerned with the
situation we are living study wise. We are not being helped on any circumstances.
We have only been in Naples for one month, and personally I have only attended
physically two classes of the three courses I am studying in Naples. It is not possible
that a student that has been only three weeks studying Italian (the course that they
provide us with) could follow Sociology, Philosophy, Engineering or any other
subject that requires extended knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and abstract
concepts. When we ask for help to the teachers because we are having a lot of
trouble trying to understand their classes, they either do not respond to emails or
they just answer effortlessly. Only one teacher has answered my emails requesting
for help and did not care about my situation. He said that I could do my exam in
English. The problem is not the language in which we can develop our exams. The
problem is the understanding of the subject and its concepts and ideas. It is logical
that an Erasmus student in our conditions cannot fulfil the same expectations of a
native Italian student. The access to technology should not be taken for granted.
Personally I have not been able to enter my classes for a long time because the app
they were having the classes in did not work for me. I asked for help but they did no
help me at all. In this situation, the only way of getting in touch with our professors
is via email, but if they do not answer we are being deprived from our only way of
clearing doubts and staying in contact for any circumstance that could occur. There
has also been trouble with some coordinators. Colleagues of mine are desperate to
get in touch with their coordinators but cannot achieve it, therefore are stuck in a
circle of not getting any response from the ones that are supposed to help you in
your Erasmus destination. The ones of us that have returned to their homelands are
also having a lot of trouble getting the books we need and can only find in Italy.
Moreover, a large quantity of us has been through terrible and awful experiences
through this Covid-19 period. Personally, both of my parents were sick of Covid-19
and I had to take care of the six people living in my house, with absolutely no time or
possibility to deal with the expectations required by our teachers. I have been
through this but many other people have experienced even more dreadful
experiences: death of the loved ones, sickness, etc…
A lot of us feel ignored by the universities of Naples. We are a weak group of
students; we need help and are not being provided with it. Therefore, we demand
solidarity and help from the universities we are studying in. We demand to be
listened from all of our teachers, so we can explain our personal and generalized
situation. This way, we can find solutions to our problems and they can provide us
with tools to deal better with this awful situation.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,

Pere Vilalta Huguet